VideoFuel: This Week in the Digital Video Industry 8/15-8/28

By Rachel DeSimone on August 28, 2020

1 The Streaming Wars Have Escalated Over Turf Grabs

Subscription-based streamers like Netflix, Disney+ and HBO Max continue to duke it out, as are their ad-supported analogues like Hulu, Peacock and Pluto TV. 

2 SportsTribal TV to Launch as 'World's First Sports AVOD'

The company said that it will launch with a line-up of “established digital sports entertainment channels” initially on mobile and web before a CTV and streaming platform rollout in 2021.

3 Which SVOD is Winning the Battle for Kids?

New research from KidsKnowBest finds that the big franchise draw of Disney+ has helped it grow quickly, but Netflix's originals are still pulling kids in.

4 Apple TV+ Shows to Get AR Integration

With AR technology, characters or objects from the shows could be integrated into viewers’ environments through their phones or tablets as new bonus content, Bloomberg reports. 

5 Online TV Platforms First Stop for Viewing for Half of US Consumers

A new study from Hub Entertainment Research has found that streaming video over online platforms is “comfortably” surpassing traditional pay-TV with Netflix maintaining its steady climb as consumers’ TV “default” while live TV has continued its steep drop over the past four years.

6 'No Way to Properly Manage Frequency on Two Ad Servers': the Ad Tech Hitch in Disney's and ViacomCBS's Streaming Upfront Pitches

Because of the potential for miscounts, agency executives say they will need to act as if they need to manage frequency individually for each ad server until there is only one ad server in place.

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