What’s New at Zype: API improvements to Manage Subscription Tiers, Reset Consumer Passwords, and More

By Anna Hughes on June 07, 2018

This week brings some new APIs that help you improve your merchandising, make it easier to customize consumer workflows into your apps & web endpoints, and simplify your Zype account management.

Tiered Subscriptions API

Zype has released a new Tiered Subscriptions API that allows customers to create, manage, and assign content to tiered subscription plans. An example of tiered subscription plans is if you have premium movie library and want to offer a Gold, Silver, and Bronze subscription plan, each with varying degrees of access to content.

You can set up Gold, Silver, and Bronze tiered subscription plans, and then assign playlists of videos to those plans that determine which content consumers will have access to based on the subscription plan they’ve purchased.

At present, management of tiered subscription plans is only available to Premium and Enterprise Zype accounts, and is limited to API access. This is an advanced feature and we strongly suggest connecting with your Zype customer success manager if you’re interested in building support for tiered subscriptions.

To read more about using tiered subscription plans, please visit Zype’s help center.

Reset Consumer Password API

Zype has released a new API endpoint that makes it easier to create custom reset password flows in your apps or on your website using Zype’s existing password reset email and embeddables service.

With the new Reset Consumer Password API you can enter a consumer’s email address, and based on a valid lookup Zype can then generate a password reset email for that user. We’ll handle generating the email, as well as the hosted embed page for resetting the password, making it simple for you to offer this option within your apps or other custom reset password flows.

Of course, you can also use our existing Account Management embeddable widget if you’d like to integrate a simple solution on your website.

Visit our developer portal to access the Reset Password API.

Zype Admin User Management API

You can create and fully manage admin users within your Zype account using our Users API. This API allows you to create users and assign roles (admin, finance manager, or content manager), list current users with access to your admin, view specific users, update users including role and password, and remove users from your admin account.

This API returns information like when the user last signed in, how many times they’ve signed in, IP address, enablement of platform notifications, timezone of user and more.

You’ll still be able to manually add users to the Zype Admin from the settings menu if you’d wish, though using the API will provide more detailed information on your users.

Visit our developer portal to access the Users API.

Now that you’re familiar with what zy.pe video pages are and what they can do, the next step is to unlock zy.pe in your Zype account and get to publishing and sharing your content!

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