What's New at Zype - August 2016

By Chris Smith on August 31, 2016

Easy live video streaming for OTT, automated live to VOD, Zype Live customers in the wild and more

August has been an exciting month — Zype now supports live, linear and VOD streaming from within our platform!

Zype Live - Easy Live Streaming for OTT

Zype Live is an end-to-end solution for live video broadcasting, management, distribution, and monetization that takes the complexity out of live streaming and helps video business owners provide their audience with an incredible live viewing experience.


Let’s dive into the specific features that make Zype Live powerful!

Authoring & Archiving

Automatic Live to VOD Archive — Your content shouldn’t only be available while you’re on air. After you’re done streaming, Zype Live gives you the option to seamlessly trim and archive your live content as VOD, so it’s always available for you and your viewers.



Adaptive Bitrate Streaming — Zype Live has transcoding features built in that make delivering fast, high-quality live streams powerful yet simple. Say goodbye to buffering: Zype Live supports adaptive bitrate streaming with multiple quality settings available up to 1080p/60fps.

In order to optimize the viewer experience, there is a live DVR function built into the dashboard so viewers can rewind and pause streams.

Multiple Streams — With Zype Live, you can manage multiple streams at the same time. For instance, you could broadcast a unique stream for multiple concurrent events happening in different locations. With Zype Live, you have the option of 24/7 linear streams or events with specified start and end times.



Your Content, Any Screen — Deliver the same live stream, at the same time, to every screen for seamless, simultaneous streaming. Your live stream can reach web and OTT endpoints with no other service or tool required.

Embed Codes — For social sharing and the most accessible content, embed codes are automatically generated for any live event. These embed codes can be placed anywhere.

publishing & distribution


Multiple Monetization Methods — Zype Live supports the same monetization methods as VOD content. Set up a subscription video network, sell individual live streams as transactions, or offer ad-supported live content.

monetize your live event

Live events can be configured to allow for multiple purchase options, including a free preview period, allowing your consumers to subscribe or purchase individual events.

Zype Live Customers in the Wild

Havoc.tv, the only exclusive multi-platform network dedicated to action sports and independent music, is carried by nearly every cable TV provider in the United States and operates a 24/7 interactive and social TV channel. Havoc.tv embraced Zype Live to launch a free and premium OTT service that will be available this fall for subscription and will include Havoc.tv’s videos, movies, and 24/7 TV live channel.


Texan Live is the home for live and on-demand Houston high school sports. Texan Live chose Zype Live because they wanted a single solution for live event monetization that brought all parts of the supply chain — transcoding, live and VOD streaming, monetization, distribution, management — together as a single solution provider.

Texan Live offers a $4.95 monthly plan and a $9.95 all-season football plan. Texan Live runs multiple simultaneous live streams and typically broadcasts dozens of games every weekend.


One Platform for Live Streaming and VOD

With Zype Live, you can manage your entire live streaming video business through a single-pane-of-glass dashboard. VOD and live streams are managed through the same platform, which makes for a very simple workflow and configuration process.

Learn how you can go live in minutes with Zype Live or request a Zype Live Demo.

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