What's New At Zype — December 2016

By Chris Smith on December 29, 2016

With fresh updates to the Zype platform like new playlist options and analytics expansions, Zype has been spreading the winter joy. Plus, check out a few new great OTT apps in the marketplace!

Category Playlists




You can now build playlists based off categories, which is an easy way to populate new playlists with videos that have matching categories. This feature also automatically adds new videos to categorize playlists when you assign category values to them! For example, if you add new videos to your Zype library, once you tag them with the appropriate category, they will be automatically added to your category playlist.

Smart Video Ordering in Playlists




You can also set smart ordering rules in playlists, which allows you to easily order videos in a playlist, and ensure that additional videos added to the playlist will follow the same rules. We have a wide range of preset ordering options, including publish date, created date, and alphabetical order.

Analytics: VOD, Download, and Total Hours




We had some pretty major analytics additions in the past month. The revamped analytics dashboard now keeps track of VOD stream hours, download stream hours, and total stream hours (VOD, downloaded and live content). This will enable you to keep track of how hours of each type of content are being watched.

Analytics: Enhanced Consumer Analytics




We’ve rolled out some enhancements to the new Consumer Analytics feature. At launch, the feature allowed you to track analytics for an individual consumer such as video player impressions, geographies, devices, players, and revenue models. Now we’ve added the ability to track video plays, average play time, and total hours watched for an individual consumer. You can also click into each of these modules to get a more detailed look at which videos the consumer is playing.

Crunch Live on Samsung




Don’t let the holiday season wreak more havoc than it’s supposed to. Keep fit during the holiday season with Crunch Live, now on Samsung . With a wide variety of exercise routines, you can find your perfect workout that aligns with your schedule. Crunch Live uses Zype to publish apps on multiple platforms, including AFTV, Apple TV and Roku.

Film Detective on Apple TV




Catch your favorite black and white films on The Film Detective, now on Apple TV! With classics like A Christmas Carol and Sherlock Holmes - Dressed to Kill , the selection is hard to beat. Like Crunch Live, The Film Detective uses Zype for multi-platform publishing, and monetization.

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