What's New at Zype: Enhanced audio-only playback options

By Anna Hughes on September 17, 2018

Sometimes your viewers aren’t viewing - they’re listening instead. Zype has updated the monetization and web embed options to better serve your audience, no matter their preference for accessing your content.

We’ve added the option for a free audio-only stream on the monetization page; now, you can allow your consumers to listen for free before subscribing to watch. We’ve also enhanced the web embed to allow for an audio-only embed, and to allow switching between video and audio options.

Using these features will greatly benefit your listen-only consumers, who love to hear to your content even if they can’t watch every moment.

Read on for all the details on how to get the most out of these new features!

Free Audio-Only

You may be interested in offering audio for free as a way of capturing interest in your paywalled videos. This feature allows you to offer a free audio stream while still preserving paywalls on your video renditions.

Enhanced audio-only playback options

Offering audio-only content for free is an excellent way to introduce new consumers to your content and get them hooked. We’ve seen free audio-only streams especially successful with live events, where new consumers might prefer just to listen or might not be ready to purchase a subscription until they’ve tested the merchandise, so to speak.

It’s sort of like “if you give a mouse a cookie” - give your consumers free, partial access to your product, and watch them keep coming back for more.

How to get started

We’re excited you want to start using the free audio stream option, and the great news is that this is already available in your Zype account. Simply visit the monetization tab in the video details page of your video and be sure to toggle Free Audio Stream ON .

Activate Free Audio Stream now >

Embed an Audio-Only Stream

For the times that’d you’d like to embed an audio-only version of your video, or if you only have an audio file to share, the Zype platform now makes it quick and easy. With audio-only streams, consumers will view the thumbnail image assigned to your video or audio file as they listen. Audio-only embeds can be particularly helpful in sharing podcasts or allowing early, web-only, listen-only access to a live event.

Enhanced audio-only playback options 2

How to get started

You can start embedding audio-only streams today by adjusting your embed code on the Embed & Publish tab of the video details page of your video. This adjustment requires a valid HLS audio rendition and is configurable with both paywalled and non-paywalled videos. Once you’ve confirmed your audio source, simply toggle Audio Only ON and copy your code!

Learn more on how to embed an audio-only stream >

Switch between Video and Audio on a Monetized Embed

For monetized content, you have the option to embed a video that can switch between video and audio-only. If the audio-only option is enabled, your consumers will view the thumbnail assigned to your video as they listen. This is excellent for providing subscribers or purchasers the chance to pick their preferred experience (viewing or listening), while still monetizing your content.

Enhanced audio-only playback options 3

How to get started

You can start using the “switch between video and audio” option on monetized embeds right away. Visit the Embed & Publish tab of the video details page of your video to adjust your embed code. This adjustment requires monetization, paywall turned ON , and a valid HLS audio rendition. Once you’ve confirmed your monetization and audio source, simply toggle Offering Switching Between Video and Audio ON and copy your code!

Learn more on how to configure this feature >

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