What's New at Zype: Enhanced Video Library Filtering

By Chris Smith on March 14, 2018

We’re excited to announce enhanced library filtering in the Zype dashboard!

We’ve not only improved the filtering interface and user experience to make filters easier to use, but the improved filtering experience will now also allow you to filter videos in your library by paywall monetization type (such as subscription, purchase, rental, or pass plan) and "created at" or "published at" dates. These new filters are in addition to the existing category, active/inactive, and video source filters we offer today.

New Library Filters




Filter by Paywall Monetization Type




Filter by Created At or Published At Dates




Another part of the enhanced filtering user experience is allowing you to easily see which filters have been selected as well as how many selections within each filter category are in place! This makes it much more intuitive to modify filtered searches to get the exact results you’re looking for.

Easily See Applied Filters for Quicker Filter Changes




We’ve also improved the filter by Video Source by allowing you to select multiple video sources for a filtered view. Videos matching any of the video sources you’ve selected will appear in the filtered results area. Previously you were limited to filtering by a single video source at a time.

Simultaneously Filter by Multiple Sources




Have a question or comment about these new updates? Email me at csmith@zype.com! (I love speaking with customers!)

Chris, Product Team @ Zype


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