What's New at Zype - February 2017

By Chris Smith on February 14, 2017

Love is in the air, and we hope you enjoy these recent updates to the Zype platform!

Assign Custom Categories for YouTube Imports

Enjoy more flexibility when importing videos from YouTube. Now you can assign a custom category to your YouTube imports, which will help you more easily curate videos into Category Playlists. When creating a new YouTube import, you can assign videos to the default “YouTube Channel” category, or easily select a different custom category using the dropdown menu.

Easily Update Media URLs for Self-Hosted Videos


If you use Self-Hosted videos in Zype, you can now update the media URLs for videos that have already been imported. This makes it incredibly easy to update the source URL for these videos.

Support for VMAP Ad Tags

We’ve improved platform support for VMAP ads, allowing you to specify when using a VMAP ad tag in the ad creation and workflow ensuring those VMAP tags are served properly in the web player. This includes supporting ad timings defined by the VMAP tag as opposed to ad timings settings, which is useful for other ad tag formats.

Easier Access to Consumer Analytics

It’s now easier than ever to access detailed consumer analytics for your customers. We’ve added quick links to consumer analytics on the activity stream page as well as in a detailed section of an individual consumer’s profile page in Zype.

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