What's New at Zype- January 2017

By Chris Smith on January 23, 2017

Happy New Year! Zype has started 2017 with a bang and recently rolled out these product updates that we’re sure you’ll love:

Managing Device Linking Settings

Device linking is a configuration you can enable within your apps that allows consumers to “link” a device to their subscription login. This provides a convenient method of authentication.

You can use Device Linking Settings to automatically unlink a consumer’s devices once they cancel all active subscriptions within your account. To access Device Linking Settings, simply visit your site settings page, click on the Monetization tab, and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Improved Discovery for Web Embeds

We’ve injected the Zype web player with a healthy dose of discoverability to make individual videos more prominent and easily discoverable across a few different mediums.

Unique SEO tags and rich snippets have been added to each video player to improve visibility and click-through from Google search over time. We’ve also updated open graph tags on videos to improve appearance and content when sharing on Facebook.

Viewing “Published” and “Created” Dates while Curating Playlists

As an enhancement to our recent Category Playlists and Smart Ordering releases, we have added the ability to view the “Published” and “Created” dates for videos within a single playlist’s “Manage Videos” page. These new columns will help you when using the Smart Ordering feature and sorting videos by newest to oldest or vice versa.

To see this in action, visit your playlists page and click on the film strip icon for a single playlist to manage its videos.

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