What's New at Zype - July 2016

By Chris Smith on July 27, 2016

OTT engagement tracking, new Apple TV and Roku apps, video content rules, multiple monetization methods and more

The months have gotten warmer, and the sun has gotten stronger, but at Zype, we’re working harder than ever. This month, our talented engineers and unbeatable developers have made a lot of innovative updates to our platform.

OTT Engagement Tracking for Roku

We have built in a new analytics integration so now Roku-based apps are tracked and visible in your Zype Analytics Dashboard. This is super beneficial because you can now see how your Roku apps are doing, compared to your content on other devices. This will give you a deeper understanding of your Roku audience and device analytics.

Zype Analytics Dashboard

Video Content Rules

Content rules just became way more robust. Now, customers can implement additional content rules on a per video level to limit access to videos. Currently, content rules are assigned by geo-location, but we will be expanding that in the near future. We have also added a useful ‘super watcher’ feature, where flagged consumers are exempt from content rules. Say hello to exclusive viewer VIP status.

Transcode Notification Controls

If you no longer want or need transcode notification emails, you now have the option to disable them. You can change your transcode notification settings under your Account Settings.

transcode notification settings

Role-Based Administration

For customers who have multiple members of the team accessing their Zype account, you can now assign roles to users which designate access between content management or financial data. In order to make sure current processes are not inhibited, existing users are defaulted to the “admin” role. Find more information about user roles on our support site.

Multiple Monetization for Embeds

Can’t decide between just one monetization method? Zype monetized embeds support multiple monetization types at once! You can make some of your content free and monetize the rest, or make some of it available to subscribers and the rest available for a one-time fee.

The Grindhouse Channel, home to rare movies from the 1950s-80s, implements multiple monetization methods by allowing viewers to subscribe or watch content with ads. You can watch these hard-to-find flicks on Roku or Web.

The Grindhouse Channel tv

MRSS Sync Update

The MRSS sync feature has been updated so that if the media URLs change in the feed, they are automatically updated to the videos in the library. This drastically cuts down upkeep time.

Embed Code Sharing

You can now social share right from the Zype player! Under player settings, you can enable embed code sharing to provide your fans an avenue to share your video with their social network, letting people know what they are watching. This is great for channel promotion; it can widen your audience, and reach sectors of the population you wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

Embed Code Sharing

Additional updates

Zype now offers SSL support for Zype videos.

New apps and customers in the news

Customers have launched a bunch of cool apps through Zype in the past month.


HooplaKidz, an extremely well known animated children’s educational web series from YoBoHo with over two million YouTube subscribers, also just went live on Roku, making the beloved content available on all OTT devices. Hooplakidz has educational value, but will also keep children entertained, laughing and mesmerized. Hooplakidz is a children’s favorite, and Zype is making it easier to watch.

Bob Ross- The Joy of Painting

Your favorite TV personality, Bob Ross is now live on Apple TV with Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting, with his calming tone, “you can do it” attitude, and happy clouds, it’s no wonder that The Joy of Painting is the most recognized TV art show in history.


Team Zype

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