What's New at Zype - June 2016 Edition

By Chris Smith on June 15, 2016

Media RSS sync, Kaltura import, new customer SVOD services, subscriber management improvements and more

Summer is nearly here. To celebrate, our crack team of engineers and code artisans cranked out these recent updates to our OTT video distribution platform:

Media RSS Sync and Kaltura Import

Customers coming from Kaltura, Ooyala, and Brightcove who wanted to use Zype to set up a new OTT service requested the ability to plug in a Media RSS (MRSS) feed for video ingestion so they could use Zype while keeping their existing video library in place.

The new MRSS Sync and Kaltura Import helps content managers use Zype for easy OTT publishing and monetization without needing to rebuild their entire video library that’s already managed in another platform. This approach is ideal if you want to keep your original platform as a video host but use the full Zype platform for video monetization, publishing, and analytics.

Legacy Kaltura, Brightcove, and Ooyala videos can now be easily published to the devices of your choice - Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV - with the monetization options of your choice - subscription, transaction, advertising. No transcoding necessary.

Learn more about the MRSS Sync and Kaltura Import.

Transcoding alerts

Customers are now alerted when transcoding starts, completes or fails by email. There is also additional information available on transcoding status in the dashboard.

Subscription management improvements

Some quick improvements to subscription management were released:

Monetization Links : Plans, subscriptions, and consumers are now directly linked to payment provider URLs (eg. on stripe.com). This makes it even easier to manage your subscribers in Zype and in your payment provider account.

Monetization Links

Subscriber Account Management : Your subscribers can now update their credit card information themselves using the new account management widget.

Ad Timings

Ad timings are now easily accessible via the main video details page for any Zype-hosted video. Simply click on any Zype-hosted video title in your Video Library to go to the main details page, then click on Ad Timings in the right section under Video Sources:


Essentially, ad timings give you an offset from the start of the video to where your ads should appear. In a 30-minute video, you could set an ad timing to appear at 00:00:00 (right at the start), and then a few more at 00:05:00 (5 min in), 00:10:00 (10 min in), and so on.

Redemption code support for monetized embeds

We added redemption code support for monetized embeds. Learn more about setting up monetization with subscription or purchase and rental.

NightFlight SVOD service launched on Web and Roku

Relive those late night memories! Night Flight, an eclectic late night show that ran on USA Network for the better part of the 80s, is back with Night Flight PLUS, a new SVOD service from the original creators of the show.

With a Night Flight subscription, subscribers get access to thousands of classic stereo remastered music videos from the 1980s and hundreds of hard to find full-length films from the cult, comedy, horror and B movie genres. AV Club said it well: What streaming services can learn from Night Flight's curated rabbit hole.

NightFlight SVOD service launched on Web and Roku

Night Flight uses Zype to organize, publish, and monetize their video library with monthly and annual subscription plans. Night Flight is now available on web and Roku.

Learn how to quickly create your own video paywall using Zype and the Stripe payment service.


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