What's New at Zype: Live Multicasting to Facebook, YouTube, & Periscope

By Chris Smith on April 06, 2018

We're excited to announce the launch of Live Multicasting to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Periscope, helping customers easily and automatically connect their live broadcasts with audiences across all their favorite social platforms. With Zype Live Multicasting, customers only need a single live stream which can be simultaneously broadcasted live to their websites, connected TV and mobile apps, and the social platforms of their choosing.



Zype Live is the turnkey live broadcasting solution that makes it easy to set up, monetize, broadcast, and publish a live event across multiple screens. Now with social Live Multicasting, customers can also efficiently reach audiences beyond their owned and operated endpoints.

Before Zype Live Multicasting, content owners would need to create and manage separate live streams, keys, and target server URLs for endpoints and every single social platform they wanted to simultaneously broadcast live events on. This fragmented process led to lots of operational friction or missed opportunities to connect with audiences where discovery and engagement truly matter.

How does Live Multicasting Work in the Zype Platform?

Customers with access to Live Multicasting go through a simple initial setup process to tell us which social platforms they would like to enable for multicasting. They provide a stream URL and key which is used for authentication and broadcasting to each social platform. Zype provides detailed documentation on how to access this data from Facebook, YouTube, and Periscope to help make setup a breeze.



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Once this data is provided to Zype, we’ll provide the customer with a Live Multicasting enabled encoder, which allows the customer to simultaneously send their live RTMP stream to their selected social platforms in addition to their existing owned and operated web and app endpoints. During live event creation, customers can easily select either their standard live broadcasting encoder, or their multicasting enabled encoder to decide how they want to broadcast their live event.

How do I get started with Live Multicasting on Zype?

We’re glad to hear you’re excited! In order to Live Multicast on Zype you’ll need:

A current Zype account with access to Zype Live and Live Multicasting

Access to your own Facebook, YouTube, and Periscope account that you’d like to use for Live Multicasting

If you meet those prerequisites and would like to start Live Multicasting, head over to our help center to learn more.

Have a question or comment about these new updates? Email me at csmith@zype.com!

Chris, Product Team @ Zype

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