Zype is keepin it fresh! Check out the latest updates to our platform:

MRSS Import Category Value Sync

Now you can assign category values to videos imported via MRSS feeds from directly within the Zype platform. This new feature comes in handy in situations where you may not be able to modify the source MRSS feed, but want still want to organize your imported content into category playlists. Zype supports both self-served category value media elements assigned in the MRSS feed as well as category values assigned in the new workflow.

Once your imported videos have category values assigned to them, you can quickly create powerful category playlists to automate your content curation. If you’re big on MRSS imports, category playlists, and curation, this new feature is incredibly valuable.

Player Request Log Revamp



We are always working to make everything more efficient. Along these lines, we just added consumer emails to the player request logs so you can easily see which unique users have generated a player request. Clicking on the email address will let you view that consumer’s details page and access their full range of analytics.

Consumer Browser and Operation System Analytics

Now Zype users can view detailed reporting around consumer operating systems and browsers in the analytics dashboard. This is super useful to better understand the types of devices being used to view your content.

Device and Geography Analytics Update

We have also improved the Geography and Device summary analytics reports. Now, the data is provided in a rolled up summary table, so it is easier than ever to make meaningful observations about where your content is being watched, and how it is being accessed.

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