What's New at Zype - May 2016 Edition

By Chris Smith on May 05, 2016

Enhanced video analytics, 'Make Money' dashboard, new Apple TV apps, Hulu mobile streaming, URL-friendly titles and more

We've been busy baking a ton of goodness for you in our engineering kitchen. Check out the recent updates to our OTT video platform:

Video analytics enhancements

You can now access analytics about specific videos from the video library and analytics dashboard, including player requests and video engagement analytics. Plus, these new analytics are retroactive to July 2015! Read more on the blog.

Video analytics enhancements

From your Analytics Dashboard, check out the Most Requested and Most Watched leaderboards.


From your Video Library, just click on the analytics icon to the right of each video to access the analytics for that individual video.

OTT descriptions

We added friendly descriptions for OTT devices that filter out long URLs and unfriendly characters. OTT descriptions are available using the Video API.

Hulu now streaming on mobile devices

For videos that support the Hulu player, it is now possible to stream to iOS and Android devices in addition to desktop. Go to Player Rules, click New Player Rule, and select Hulu Mobile Player for playback to mobile devices.

New 'Make Money' dashboard


Cha-ching! The Monetization Dashboard got a nice design and usability facelift. Your monetized videos never looked so good! ;-)

URL-friendly titles for videos, playlists, and categories

Ahh, bask in glorious video CMS functionality!

URL-friendly titles

Now when you create a video, playlist or category, a URL-friendly title is generated too! This can be used in the Zype API to query for content without using a Zype ID. If no URL-friendly title is specified, Zype will create one for you automatically when the record is created. The URL-friendly title is generated only once when the object is created, but can be modified by customers at their discretion. For those familiar with Wordpress, this is a similar concept as when a blog post or page URL is generated automatically based on the title.

Ability to unlink devices from a consumer

We added a delete button to linked devices on the consumer edit screen. This means that a customer can unlink a Roku device from the consumer (your customer) in the Zype dashboard.

Playlist images

Playlists now have the same options as videos for uploading related images and thumbnails.

Video source IDs

We added a field to videos that allows customers to map a third-party ID to their video content so they can relate their Zype content to external systems. You can now add or update this field through the Zype Dashboard and API, and export using CSV exports. The Zype Video API also includes the option to filter by this Source ID.

API docs

The Zype API docs got a new coat of paint! Plus, we simplified the API docs to make them easier to read, added additional endpoints, and updated fields available in API commands.

New Apple TV apps

Hop on over to your Apple TV appstore and check out these channels that were recently launched through the Zype video platform:

New Apple TV apps

Hooplakidz is the massively popular animated children’s educational web series from YoBoHo, the world’s #1 digital-first content producer for kids. With over 2 million YouTube subscribers, Hooplakidz is loved by children and parents everywhere. Zype makes it easy for YoBoHo to leverage their existing YouTube and Vimeo Pro content and streamlines the process for video import, metadata management, and publication to OTT destinations like Apple TV. Read the blog post.


ChukkerTV is the premier destination to watch polo live and on demand. The Zype platform provides ChukkerTV with a single dashboard to manage and curate their live streaming and VOD subscription network, making it easy to publish their content to web, Roku, and now Apple TV.

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