What's New at Zype- November 2016

By Chris Smith on November 29, 2016

What holiday slowdown? Here at Zype, the holiday excitement only motivates us more. This month saw multiple expansions to our analytics dashboard, updates to our platform, and of course more apps launched into the marketplace! Below are a few highlights. Enjoy!

"Plays" Analytics Expansion

At Zype, we know the importance of analytics. These numbers and statistics showcase who your audience is, who watches what kind of content, and can lead to some amazing video business decisions. We have added the “Plays” metric to the Most Requested and Most Watched reports. Adding this metric will provide helpful insight and allow you to further quantify your most popular videos.

Consumer-Level Analytics

We also know the importance of tracking views at the individual consumer level. You can now see video player impressions, and impressions by location, devices and revenue models for a single consumer! Check out the consumer-level analytics in the updated consumer dashboard.

Braintree in Activity Stream

The Zype platform is now tracking SVOD and TVOD activity from Braintree in the activity stream, which lets you see any major activity from your monetization methods. For example, the activity stream now lets you see whether the subscription has expired, whether it was charged, whether the trial period ended, or when it goes active when done via Braintree. This is in addition to Stripe transactions, which already were tracked in the activity stream. Check out the activity stream in your analytics dashboard.

New Apple TV Apps

Zype has helped customers publish over 150 OTT apps across Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, web, mobile and more!

Here's a couple that went live this month:

StarTalk All-Access, hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson and featuring an all-star lineup of scientists and science educators, is at the intersection between fun, science, education and pop culture. StarTalk uses Zype for content curation, monetization, and distribution to Apple TV, Roku, and web. Catch this channel for extended interviews, quirky segments, and science related videos.

Videothèque Art Stream, newly launched on Apple TV, turns any TV screen or wall into a work of art. Videothèque is home to video art from over 130 contemporary artists. With curated playlists and compelling individual titles, viewers are able to fulfill their art inquiries or just relax with beautiful visuals. Videothèque uses Zype for powering its apps across OTT.

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