What's New at Zype- October 2016

By Chris Smith on November 01, 2016

Here are the latest updates to our video distribution platform:

Playlist Player Monetization

Monetization just got a whole lot easier, and the playlist just got a whole lot more powerful.

Now Zype customers have the option of granting their viewers the ability to purchase a perfectly curated playlist. Playlists officially support all forms of monetization, including subscription, purchase/rental, pass plans, advertising. In addition, playlists support hybrid monetization.

Entitlement checks happen per video, so within a single playlist consumers can still view non-monetized content and will only be prompted to sign in / purchase if the video they’ve selected is monetized.

Increased MRSS Sync Frequency

MRSS feed syncing used to be performed once nightly. However, now it can be set to perform hourly, which is helpful for customers that publish a lot of new content throughout each day.

Live Hours Displayed in Analytics

Live streaming users, listen up: "Live Stream Hours" can now be found in the analytics dashboard and is super handy for seeing the the total number of live hours streamed across all live events. This helps live streaming customers better track live stream usage for a given time period.


New Roku and Amazon Fire TV Apps

Customers have launched a bunch of cool apps through Zype in the past month. Let’s look at a few:


Obsev is a digital magazine that covers a little bit of everything for millennials including food, sports, lifestyle, music, entertainment, and editorial content. Obsev uses Zype to monetize content and to help manage their many channels including Obsev Food, Now, Obsev Originals and more. Obsev is now live on Amazon Fire TV!


PROClassic TV offers a broad selection of classic, well-known TV series from the 50's to the 00's, with something for almost everyone. Watch beloved westerns, including 'Hopalong Cassidy', 'Cisco Kid' and 'The Rifleman', classic series such as 'The Invisible Man', 'The Adventures of Black Beauty', 'Swiss Family Robinson', animation with 'Gigantor' and 'Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse' not to mention fan favorites like 'I Spy', 'Comedy Shop', 'Celebrity Bowling' and 'My Favorite Martian'. PROClassicTV uses the Zype platform to monetize and manage their large library of classics. PROClassicTV is now live on Roku!

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