What's New at Zype: Track Stream Hours by Device and Geography, Updated YouTube Import and More

By Chris Smith on February 16, 2018

February is the month of love and we’re extending some Zype love to you with our latest product update!

New Analytics Reports - Track Stream Hours By Device and Geography

Zype has added additional analytics to help you understand more about how your audience is viewing your content. Our stream hours by device and stream hours by geography reports allow you to track which devices consumers are streaming video content to, as well as which geographies they’re streaming from. This analysis will help you make meaningful business decisions that will have an impact on your distribution strategy. To view your new stream hours reports, head over to the analytics dashboard, and scroll to the bottom. There you’ll find all the stream hours information. To get a more detailed breakdown of the data, click on each module.





Improved Workflow Introduction Pages

If you have yet to add videos to your library, set up monetization, or use advanced metadata (known as Zobjects) to curate your content, we’ve created new workflow introductory pages for each feature. We’ve added introductory pages to the video library, Zobjects, and monetization options including redemption codes, subscription plans, pass plans, and purchase and rentals.




Why it’s useful

These new introductory pages define each features’ purpose, the value the feature provides, and corresponding documentation on our Help Center. This information will help you decide if and how you’d like to use each feature.

YouTube Import Update

We have recently made some improvements to our YouTube import workflow that will help you decide how you would like to import your content into Zype.




Why it’s useful

For those of you who choose to import your content into Zype using YouTube, we provide guidance for the two options you can use to import. This helps you understand the benefits and supported functionality of each option so that you choose the right one for your needs.

How to use it

Simply click the “Import and Upload” section on the left-hand side, select “YouTube”, and choose the import option you’d like. You can read more about importing from YouTube on our Help Center. It’s that simple!

YouTube Search Update - We also made improvements to the YouTube search bar. Now when you search for YouTube content to add to your Zype library using the import tool with a valid URL, a green checkmark indicates that the URL has been successfully added.

API Update - Filter by Playlist ID

Our API endpoints are continuously evolving. We’ve now made it easier to filter videos by selecting from a playlist ID. This API parameter makes it easier for you to retrieve videos in a playlist with unknown category values. Visit our dev portal to access the updated API reference.

Have a question or comment about these updates? Email me at csmith@zype.com

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