What's New at Zype: Detailed Tracking for How Much You're Streaming

By Chris Smith on November 30, 2017

Stream Hours Analytics Report

We’ve added a new analytics metric to track content being served through Zype.

Why is this important?

This Stream Hours report tracks the amount of time a given video was streamed, giving insight into the performance breakdown of each active video in your library.

How it works

Stream Hours by Video can be found at the bottom of the ‘Analytics’ section. Click on the module to view a detailed breakdown of your videos. You can filter the data based on a date range, summary mode, and detailed mode.

To export the analytics report, click the “Export” button found by the date ranges. You will be sent an email to download the report.


Did you know? Category Playlists are a great way to automate the management of your content.

Why is it important?

This feature helps you save time organizing and managing your content, leaving you room to make important business decisions or spend more time creating content.

How does it work?

To create category-based playlists, you need to add categories to the videos in your library, or as you import them. Then, create a playlist and on the bottom select, “Yes, I'd like to dynamically add videos to this playlist by selecting category values”. Once you’ve selected that option, you’ll find the available categories to choose from to create a playlist. After you've chosen the cateogories, the videos that coorespond to the playlist categories will be added automatially. Easy as pie!


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