Zype is excited to announce the launch of our latest social media integration, Publishing Videos on Facebook - and we think you’ll be excited too. Publishing content directly on your Facebook business page allows yet another way to share videos instantly with your audiences on the web.

The Easiest Way to Publish Videos on Facebook

Reach a Wider Audience

Social media goes a long way in promoting content and ensuring it reaches viewers faster; as a video business owner, this endeavor is paramount.

We don’t need to go through Facebook’s analytics to convince you of the eye traffic on their platform - chances are, you already have a Facebook business page and you might already be promoting your content there. Reach a wider audience by distributing on social without messy redirects. Publish the video you want, trimmed down to the moment you want to share, in a clean, digestible format.

Trim your video, edit metadata, and publish...hassle-free!

Zype’s Publish to Facebook tool already has Facebook’s publishing requirements covered, so you don’t need to worry about any complex configurations. Additionally, Zype provides the opportunity for you to easily update video titles, descriptions, keywords, and even the duration of the video clip being posted (protip: trim tool!) - baked right into the publishing process. Once you’ve connected your Facebook account, you can start publishing in moments.

The Easiest Way to Publish Videos on Facebook 2

What You’ll Need: Prerequisites

A valid and current Facebook account

A Facebook business page

A valid and current Zype account

Video content added

Connect to Facebook from your Zype account

Publish on Facebook Today

Now that you’re as excited about publishing on social media as we are, the next step is to visit your library and connect to your Facebook account. What’re you waiting for?! Why are you still reading this? Go! Try! Test! And give us feedback, we love hearing from you.

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