What’s New At Zype This Week: Ad Monetization Improvements, MRSS Opera TV Imports

By Chris Smith on July 14, 2017

We’re always striving for excellence at Zype so we hope that every improvement (big or small) has a positive impact for our customers. Here are the latest product updates we’re excited about—let us know what you think!

Ad Monetization Improvements


Zype now supports returning dynamic web player dimensions (height and width) as ad tag macros. This is helpful if your ad partner (server or SSP) requires specific player dimensions in order to optimize playback.

It’s easy to add these macros to your ad tags, simply visit the manage ads page in Zype and click to add a new ad tag or edit an existing ad tag. You can read more about how ad tag macros work in our new help center article.

We’ve also made improvements to the overall ad workflow. You can find out more about how Zype’s ad support works, including which ad specifications we support here.

API Endpoints to Manage Category Playlists, Playlist Relationships, and Smart Ordering

Zype is constantly working to improve your developer’s experience working with our APIs. We recently launched API endpoints to create, update and delete category playlists, playlist relationships, and smart ordering within playlists.

Now, you have the ability to work with your developers outside of the Zype platform to fully manage your playlists. Read more about our playlist API endpoint updates here.

MRSS Imports for Opera TV Playlists


Using Opera TV as a distribution source? You’ll be happy to know that now you can import videos with an MRSS feed as part of your Opera TV app playlists. Simply add videos from MRSS feeds to your Opera TV playlists and they will appear in your Opera TV apps.

Please note: Opera TV requires the video format to either be HLS master manifests or progressive mp4, so please make sure your MRSS imports match those specifications.

Improved Live Broadcast Trim Feature

We improved the performance of the Live broadcast trim page. The new workflow resolves an issue where duplicate players would occasionally appear during the trim process when rapidly selecting new trim points.

Redemption Code and Reporting Exports Issue

Last, but not least, we resolved an issue related to exporting large redemption code and analytics reports.

We are always working to improve, so if you have any comments about our updates or the platform let me know at csmith@zype.com


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