What’s New At Zype This Week: Playlist Smart Ordering, Improved Playlist Management UI

By Chris Smith on June 23, 2017

Happy summer solstice! We’ve been busy working on product updates to make the most of the long summer days. Check out what’s new:

Multilevel Smart Ordering in Playlists


If you use playlists, you may already be utilizing smart ordering to automate the ordering of videos displayed to your audience (for example, order all videos from A to Z).

We’ve taken it one step further and improved the smart ordering feature to allow you to set ordering at multiple levels. Now, you’re able to set a 1st level order (for example, group videos by published date), and then apply a secondary sort order to each sub-grouping of videos (for example, sort by A to Z).

This provides powerful new automated capabilities for ordering content within your playlists.

Upgrade to Zype Live


Check out Zype Live! Haven’t upgraded yet? See some benefits of our Live workflow including flexible monetization options, powerful distribution, and access to awesome features like easily archiving your live streams to VOD.

Want to master live broadcasting? Learn more by checking out our recent webinar here.

Improved User Experience for Managing Playlist Relationships


We’ve improved the experience for managing playlist relationships within the dashboard.  Now, when you drag and drop a group of nested playlists (or “parent” playlist) you will see all of the children moved along with the parent. This makes it easier to manage playlist relationships, especially if you’re moving large groups of playlists around.

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