What’s New at Zype This Week: Onboarding, Ad Campaign Matching, Analytics Updates

By Chris Smith on October 11, 2017

As the weather begins to cool, Zype is heating up with some fresh new updates. We’ve made several improvements to our platform and APIs that we’re pretty excited about. Let us know what you think!

Zype Onboarding Tutorial

Zype’s versatile and flexible nature is what makes customers excited about the platform. To help customers that are new to Zype, we have built an onboarding tutorial to guide them while they publish their first video to their own website.

Why it’s useful: This tutorial helps new customers learn how to use the platform, while quickly gaining value by engaging with their audience without a technical resource. It’s also useful for existing customers bringing on new team members that will be working directly with the Zype platform.

How to use it: New customers logging in for the first time will automatically begin the tutorial.




Existing customers will have access through the new trophy icon found at the top of the page.


To read more about the new Zype onboarding tutorial, visit our Help Center.

Dynamic Ad Campaign Matching

Zype now helps you make more money from ads by allowing you to dynamically match ad campaigns to videos in your library. We’ve added new custom attribute metadata fields and ad macros to allow you to automatically surface key value pair metadata to your ad servers, allowing you to optimize ad fills and match ad campaigns to your videos. Read more about this great new feature in this blog post.



Analytics Summary

Zype has added a new Summary table to our Analytics to give customers a holistic view of their content performance.




How to use it: In all of the analytics modules you’ll find the summary table under the graph. Under the Summary table you’ll see the total of whichever analytics report you are viewing. You can update the date range to refresh the summary table.

Subtitles API

We’re always looking for ways to improve our API functionality and have recently updated our API to allow for uploading and updating subtitles through our API. Zype has always allowed for this functionality through the admin dashboard, but this API update is useful for those customers that work with our APIs directly. Check out our updated API documentation on subtitles here

Entitlements API

In the same vein as updating our Subtitles API, Zype has also made strives to improve our Entitlements API. Customers have always been able to manage and add entitlements to videos and playlists through our admin dashboard, and are now able to do so through making API calls. Read more about this new update on our developer portal.

Reach out to me at csmith@zype.com if you have comments or questions!

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