What's New at Zype: Track consumer subscription and cancellation data more easily

By Anna Hughes on September 12, 2018

We’ve enhanced the consumers' page in Zype to provide in-depth filtering options to better track and manage subscriptions, cancellations, and other data related to your consumer base. Using Zype’s consumer filters will help you quickly see more granular segments of your consumers at the click of a button.

Track consumer subscription and cancellation data more easily

How can I best utilize Consumer Filters?

For SVOD businesses, understanding consumer subscriptions and churn data is probably the number one most important aspect of your business aside from delivering the product itself. There are a number of ways you can use Zype’s consumer filters to your advantage, but we have a few popular ones listed below.

Filter by Subscription Status = Not Subscribed to find all consumers that have not yet converted into paying customers. Use this list to target messaging to these consumers to increase  conversion.

Filter by Subscription Sign Up Date to see a granular view of which new subscriptions you’ve gained last month, or last quarter. This is helpful in understanding your real-time or most recent market appeal, and again help target this segment in new marketing initiatives.

Filter by Subscription Canceled Date to identify which customers have canceled their subscriptions and when. Did you shift your product during that time? Were these “bad fit” customers? Narrowing down the details of your consumer list can help uncover the answers to these tough business questions.

After you've filtered your consumers to your desired view, you can easily copy a link to that filtered view and bookmark it for easier future access. You can also easily export a filtered view of consumers, which is helpful if you want to export all your canceled consumers and import them into an email marketing tool like MailChimp or Constant Contact to target for a win back campaign.

Ready to get started?

We’re excited you want to leverage consumer filters, and the great news is that they are already available in your Zype account. Simply visit the consumers page from the Make Money section of the platform and start filtering.

Check out consumer filters now >

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