Make tracking your platform usage a breeze! Zype’s Usage Report has a fresh new look that is sure to make your life easier. Diving into the report will provide a more granular view of platform usage over a specified time period, and is exportable for simplified sharing and evaluation.

Track Your Usage

What does the Usage Report show?

The usage dashboard is broken into three metrics: transcode hours, stream hours, and paywall transactions, and includes a date range to frame your search.

Transcode metrics encapsulate total hours for content that has been transcoded or encoded (for all you live streamers out there). Stream hours metrics show the total duration of video content delivered to your audience during the selected time period; this is viewable looking at hours streamed for Live + VOD content, or looking at hours streamed for Paywall + Non-paywall content. Lastly you’ll be able to see paywall transaction metrics, which include all purchase transactions and subscribers in a given time frame.

Why track my usage?

Viewing the Usage Report will help you better gauge your platform activity, which can in turn help you strategize for the optimal import cadence, live event support, monetization setup, and more.

For example, you can easily view your first quarter paywall transactions to see if you’re reaching your goals and determine if you want to make changes on your monetization approach. You can also view the present month’s transcode hours to help plan current imports more strategically or schedule live events more thoughtfully.

Bottom line: More visibility in your usage will help you operate more efficiently.

How can I access my report?

Learn more about the Usage Report >

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