What’s New at Zype: XUMO Play Through Distribution & Security Enhancements

By Chris Smith on April 27, 2018

April has been an exciting month here at Zype, with lots of new products and feature improvements rolling out to our customers. Today we’re excited to announce a few new features to help you widen your distribution footprint and ensure your paywalled videos are being streamed with improved security.

XUMO Play Through Feed

XUMO is a curated video platform that allows you to create channels on popular Smart TV devices to help expand your distribution footprint and grow your audience. XUMO channels are created using optimized MRSS feeds generated in Zype’s platform. Once your XUMO channel is created, consumers can access your content natively as channels on a growing number of connected TV devices like LG, VIZIO, Panasonic, Samsung, Philips, and more.




Zype makes it easy and quick to generate a feed that’s been optimized for XUMO distribution using our video apps marketplace and XUMO profile flow. You can easily decide which playlists or categories to include in your XUMO feed.

Once your feed is generated, you can submit it to XUMO for consideration. Keep in mind, since XUMO is a curated platform, you will still need to go through approval in order to submit your feed and create a live channel.

If you are interested, you can learn more about XUMO here. If you’ve already been approved to go live with XUMO, you can visit Zype’s video apps marketplace and unlock your XUMO profile today.

Streaming Security Enhancements

Zype understands that protecting your paywalled content is important and we continue to make strides to improve your video streaming security. We’ve recently released a few enhancements to improve your streaming security.

Invalidate and regenerate new API keys - You can now easily invalidate old API keys and generate new replacements in instances where your API keys may be compromised. To invalidate existing keys and generate new keys, simply visit your API keys page in Zype and click on the ‘+’ icon for the key you want to regenerate. Use caution when invalidating existing API keys, as you will immediately disable access for endpoints where they are actively in use!

Video stream tokenization improvements - If you use Zype’s CDN for video delivery, we continue to improve how your video streams are protected. Video stream tokens are required for playback and generated every time a player request is made, meaning bad actors cannot use your direct video playback URLs in perpetuity without proper tokens.

Improved consumer validation rules at the player level (advanced) - You can now set up player rules for individual endpoints (e.g., Web player vs Roku) that allow you to finely control how you handle consumer validation. If you need to separate logic for how consumer validation is performed across your various endpoints, you’ll be able to utilize this new feature. Please contact Zype support for help with configuration.

Have a question or comment about these new updates? Email me at csmith@zype.com!

Chris, Product Team @ Zype

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