What's New at Zype: Zype's Webhook Service Helps Automate Your Workflow

By Anna Hughes on October 08, 2018

At Zype, we know time is of the utmost importance when it comes to your workflow, so we’ve developed a webhook service that allows you to save time when tracking consumer subscription and transaction events.

What exactly does the webhook do?

O ur webhook service allows developers to receive webhook notifications at a given target URL or server based on common events within the Zype platform. You can choose to receive triggers based on any of the following events:

  • Consumer created
  • Consumer deleted
  • Subscription created
  • Subscription deleted
  • Transaction created

And it gets even better than that; each event response includes additional, helpful metadata, so you don’t have to go searching for it. Just check our API Documentation to see what additional metadata you’ll receive. For example, the consumer created event will send the event type as well as the full consumer object, which can be referenced in our consumer API; consumer_ID, site_ID, create_at date, and more!

What are some ways to leverage Zype's Webhook Service?

Once your events are sent to your webhook URL, the possibilities for next steps are virtually endless. We’ve seen success with using the Consumer created event to send out a batch of automated welcome emails to your new consumers.

You can also create more specified automations, such as promotions for a consumer’s birthday, internal team announcements once your subscriber count reaches a certain number, or notifications when a subscription is deleted to launch a “Save this customer” campaign. Be creative! Think about what you’d like to be notified of and how you can use that information to best serve your audience.

Blahblahblah I'm READY!

Already have your webhook URL and ready to get in there? Simply visit the Webhook Events tab of the settings page. We’ve outlined some more specifics in our Help Center article linked below in case you need it.

Learn more about entering in your Webhook URL >

We love hearing from you! Give me a shout by emailing anna @zype.com.

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