Why Ad Timings Matter

By Chris Smith on December 02, 2016


It’s true: you can customize the timing of your ads with Zype. It’s incredibly useful if you’ve decided to monetize your video business using AVOD, and we touched upon ad timings a little bit when we wrote about how to use them with the Zype platform. Now, we want to expand upon the reasons why ad timings truly matter.


In addition to traditional fifteen- and thirty-second commercials that run before, during, or after your videos, the industry has been playing with ad pods and specified ad timings. Ad pods simply stack 3 or 4 ads at intervals across your content, and might not feel very natural. Ad timings allow for the exact placement of ads into your content whether it’s five minutes into the video (00:05:00) ten minutes into the video (00:10:00) or even 17 minutes and 5 seconds into the video (00:17:05). This is a really useful model because it allows ads to play during logical breaks in the content and improves the viewing experience.

Nobody knows your content better than you do, so why would you leave your ad timings up to an algorithm? Sure, letting a robot do it might save some time, but the curation of ads into your content to align with natural breaks and/or the beginning/end of your videos has plenty of benefits that are worth the extra effort.

That personal touch might go largely unnoticed, and that’s fine, that's a good thing — people seem to only notice when they’re rubbed the wrong way with interruptions .


Like it or not, there’s a little bit of a science behind getting your audience to watch your advertisements, but it takes a little legwork on your part to figure out what they’re willing to endure. Some people are happy to watch a longer ad out front if that means the rest of the video will be ad-free, and some people would rather watch videos that happen naturally during breaks in action and drama, like a normal television show.

Trial and error (putting on your lab coat and testing it like a scientist) is something you can afford to go through when you’re in control of ad-timings, because you can tweak as much as you want based on how your users feel — and if you’re using Zype, you’ll have that direct connection to your audience so you can get real feedback and analytics when you need it most.

Staying Cool

Nobody likes to watch ads — unless it’s The Super Bowl, the movie theater (people tend to love trailers, which are ads), or a famous director turning ad into a short film. But those seem to be the exceptions to the rule. Usually, people don’t want to be interrupted and bothered, especially with the same ads over and over. It’s understandable, but you still need to make money somehow, and if SVOD or TVOD aren’t in the cards, then AVOD might be the only option. Why not make it as harmless as possible?

Using ad timings can mitigate the annoyance and stress of having interruptions from ads. You can remove the irritation of having an ad start right in the middle of a line of dialogue, or right in the middle of a car chase. If your viewers are relaxed with how you’ve chosen to place your ads, the less likely they are to complain, or worse, stop watching, because of it.

Look, when it comes to making money off your video content, whether you’re a creator or content-owner, you need it to work so you can keep offering the good stuff to your audience. Luckily you have choices: AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, or a hybrid (Zype offers all of these.) If AVOD is your only option for whatever reason, you can have the peace of mind to know that with Zype you have the control you need and your customers deserve. Ad timings are important, powerful tools to have at your disposal, no matter how you look at it.

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