Why Event Management Companies Should Utilize Apps

By The Zype Team on August 22, 2019
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When businesses are in need of hosting a special event, be that a celebration, conference or workshop, hiring an event company is the right move. Event companies manage finding a  venue, determining layout, organizing vendors, ensuring a quality event and smooth process.

For event management companies, a creative and inventive way to monetize and enhance an attendee’s experience is by offering a companion mobile and TV app to customers. This allows for an avenue of communication pre, during and post event. Here are five reasons that investing in an app for events is a great way to expand your business’s reach.


1) Ability to livestream events

There are several benefits to having the option to live stream. Consider a business event, such as the NAB Show:

– Give virtual attendees the luxury of gaining the same level of insight and knowledge from wherever they like.

– Offer exclusive previews of the event and host online Q&A sessions that could be addressed in the physical event.

– Increase event viewership and brand exposure by offering audiences who may not have time to make the physical event the choice of making it online.

– Alert audiences of multiple events by showcasing live feeds from ongoing discussions or panels in public spaces, so people can tune in passively.

2) Increase Live Engagement

Increase engagement of your audience through a mobile app. Competition? Try live voting and polling options. A concert or speaking event? Have guest profiles ready for users to read catered to who they are waiting to see. Organizing a trade fair? Create an interactive map with live commenting features could play well as people can see what others have to say.

3) Archival footage


Beyond creating buzz before an event, and live streaming day-of – having an archive of events, interviews, discussions, and exclusive content to access all year round is an easy way to keep audiences engaged and up to date at all times. For an event series such as TED Talks, they rely on providing access to current talks and those from as far back as the 80s. If worried about security, consider implementing  paywalls, password protection, exclusive access codes, or registration walls to control accessibility.

4) Multiple ways to monetize

Apps support multiple ways to monetize depending on how it makes sense for your event. With MAZ, you don’t have to feel locked into one route of revenue, as our platform is flexible to try advertising and then add in memberships later.  Consider selling sponsorship spots to local businesses and partners through pre-roll, banners, full screen, section and background takeovers.

For your audience, offer a subscription/membership, providing access to multiple events, exclusive content, and more. Provide a worthwhile experience to make a monthly or annual fee a no-brainer.

For those that can’t attend in person, using an app to livestream events if an affordable second option to participate in. Secondary ticketing is a great choice to democratize participation, and create an additional source of ticketing revenue.

5) Enhance Attendee Experience With all the benefits that can come with having a mobile or TV app, the key to succeeding is by making sure that the app not only compliments and reflects the fantastic event your company has done, but that it also enhances the experience of the users who attend in person or online.

Through simple features such as event agendas, venue maps, FAQ guides, be as all encompassing as possible to provide information for your attendees.


Investing in an app is nothing but beneficial. With a service like MAZ, we focus on empowering you and your company to perform better through mobile and TV apps. With customizable app layouts, live stream capability, support of all content types, and monetization tools, MAZ believes in empowering all content creators to create a great experience to audiences, wherever they are. 

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