Why We Built Zype Live

By Ed Laczynski on August 18, 2016

We enjoy live video everywhere - at home, on our commutes, in school, and at work. As consumers, we have the ability to broadcast from practically anywhere for free with tools like Periscope. Facebook Live and major sports like MLB and the Olympics have shown us a glimpse of the power of this medium for content owners.

However, most professional content owners without the budget of the MLB have had to make a tough choice to maintain the integrity of their brands and get fair value for their content. N avigate the Byzantine maze of standards, suppliers, infrastructure, software, and developers and build from scratch or give up precious audience relationships and control of their revenue streams to aggregators. We built Zype Live to provide the easiest way for our customers to live stream to any device.

Easy to use

After our customers streamed millions of live streaming minutes over the past year with a private version of this service, we found our customers favored simplicity. So we made selling live video easy with options for purchase, subscription, and advertising without having to do development or custom integrations. We take care of all the complexity of storage, transcoding, auto-archiving, player management, and analytics so that our customers don't have to.

Easy to grow reach

Working with our customers, we found that they love the ability to work with a single dashboard to manage all of their video and distribution endpoints. Our embeddable video widgets, APIs, and SDKs from one single platform make it easy to distribute a live stream anywhere. You can even simulcast to other services like Facebook Live!


Our customers also told us that they want choice, and they want to work with an open platform. Since we started Zype, we've put content owner's choice of video player, device, import source, content delivery network, and more at the center of our value proposition. With Zype Live, content owners can choose how they want to make money from live streams, how they transcode and deliver, and where they distribute to.


There is so much opportunity to connect directly to audiences with live streaming, and we want to encourage any content owner who has been frustrated by the difficulty of live streaming to take a look at Zype Live, learn more about our cloud video distribution service , and request a demo.

Harness the power of Zype's video infrastructure