Will direct-to-viewer HBO be the final death blow for cable TV?

By Chris Bassolino on January 22, 2015

Peter Kafka from re/code is reporting that 7 million subscribers - or 7 percent of the cable industry's subscriber base - will cancel their subscriptions after HBO-GO is made available direct to viewers.

Is this the knockout punch for cable TV?

It is a big knock on the old noggin', but we don't think this will be it.

Zype's network of content owners, creators and licensors have been building amazing direct-to-viewer experiences, each one a cut in the armor of the cable aggregation model.   As premium content owners look first to digital, the tipping point will be more like death by one thousand cuts than a single blow.

But we are happy to see HBO lead in the direct-to-viewer revolution, especially as major content power players. Stream on!


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