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By Anna Hughes on February 21, 2019

Zype is excited to announce the official launch of our support product, an offering that includes extensive Help Center documentation, an interactive Developers Hub, and direct access to our dedicated Support Team.  We are proud of our 2018 Stevie Award for Excellence in Customer Service, and we're thrilled to share more information on our Support offerings with our customers.

Use our Help Center to find the answers you need

We pride ourselves on making it simple for you to find the answers you need, when you need them. The library of articles in our Help Center allows you to explore by topic, search by question, or look up by keyword. We also allow direct access to your personalized support account; once signed in, you can view status updates on open requests or access your request history all through a single pane of glass.

Award-Winning Support

Visit our Developer Hub and start interacting with our APIs

Software platforms can be challenging to digest, so your ability to find and test solutions should be simple. As a tech-first company, we sympathize with your need as a developer to interact with the tools you'll be using before you start. Zype offers a fully-fleshed Developer Hub that allows you to examine our API Reference, review common use cases in our Developer Guides, and interact directly with our APIs.

Award-Winning Support 2

Lean on our Award-Winning Support Team

You're committed to providing quality video products, and we're committed to providing awesome support. Our dedicated team of support specialists are product experts as well as customer service managers, here to ensure your success from around the globe. We provide guidance through in-app messaging directly from your admin page, our online support portal, email, and phone. No matter where you are, we've got you covered!

Want to learn more?

We're excited for you to learn more about what you can expect in terms of support.

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