Zype adds new features to help customers save time and retain subscribers

By Rachel DeSimone on June 12, 2020

Retain customers by allowing them to pause their subscriptions in Stripe

Zype has expanded its existing Stripe integration to accommodate subscription pauses. With this feature, video product managers can more effectively retain customers they might otherwise lose to subscription cancellations by allowing subscribers to put a temporary hold on their subscription.

Leveraging Zype’s APIs, teams can create simple workflows to allow customers to pause and resume their subscriptions by integrating the “pause subscription” functionality into your web and native apps. 

As shown in our flow diagram, when consumers initiate a pause on their subscription, Zype pauses access to all prepaid subscription content and Zype’s API interacts with Stripe to ensure that the subscription payment is paused as well.

Retain customers by allowing them to pause their subscriptions in Stripe

Learn more about pausing subscriptions in Stripe here.

Save time with new Playlist API updates

Zype customers can now update playlist keywords via API, enabling faster, more automated metadata management. Additionally, if a customer has a large playlist library, there is improved performance when using our Playlist API. Learn more about Zype’s APIs and access our Playlist API  here.

Configure Series in Xumo with Ease

Zype now supports series-based episodic content in XUMO distribution. Video content publishers can publish videos to XUMO in episodic order without having to configure feeds manually. Facilitated feed generation saves time and allows for distribution of content to XUMO in a more organized fashion. Learn more here.

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