Zype Announces: Support for Ad Pods, Companion Ads, and Web Player Ad Configuration

By Chris Smith on September 10, 2018

We’re happy to announce the latest and greatest improvements to Zype’s ad monetization service. We’ve just released updates to help customers maximize ad revenues and better control when and where they want to generate ad requests.

Ads Just Got Better with Ad Pods

Zype’s ad service now supports ad pods from popular ad servers such as Vidillion. With ad pods, customers are able to display multiple ads from a single request, which helps maximize revenue from ad monetization. Ad pods are supported across a number of players and endpoints. Visit our help center to learn more about ad pods and get started with maximizing ad revenue today!

Learn more about Ad Pods support across Zype’s players and endpoints >

Companion Ads to Supplement Your Linear Video Ads

Zype’s web player now supports companion ads, to help you supplement ad revenue from linear video ads. Companion ads are typically banner ads that display on a web page outside of the player area. Companion ad creatives are typically returned at the same time as a linear video ad when generating an ad request. In order to utilize companion ads, your ad server must be set up to return a companion ad creative, the web pages where you video player is embedded must be configured to support display of companion banners, and you must configure your ad tag in Zype to support companion ad responses.

Learn more about configuring companion ads in Zype >

Easily Enable and Disable Ad Requests for the Web Player

Now customers can easily manage whether to generate ad requests for Zype’s web player by enabling or disabling a feature flag on the player. This is helpful if you want to render the web player for a video in two places: (1) on a web page that’s behind a membership paywall where no ads are shown, and (2) on a public web page where anyone can watch the video for free, but must watch ads first. This is just an example, and there are many other potential use cases to consider!

Learn more about managing ad requests on the web player >

As usual, please reach out if you have any questions: csmith@zype.com.

Thanks for tuning in!

Chris, Product Team @ Zype

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