Your App, Your Branding: Zype’s App Templates Let You Take Control With Ease

By Chris Bassolino on September 09, 2019

Making an app sounds daunting. There’s a lot that goes into making your content accessible, including the actual content creation and distribution, so the last thing you want to worry about is the technical side of your endpoints, and how user friendly they are.

Luckily with Zype, you don’t have to be a developer to create sleek apps. One of our strongest features is the accessibility and simplicity of our app templates, which lets you create and customize the user interface of your app in just a couple of clicks, resulting in a beautiful endpoint that features your branding front and center.

Zype’s App Templates 1Zype’s-App-Templates3s (1)

This Is How Easy It Is

When you decide to take the next step with your content, the Zype dashboard makes it easy to move forward and create an app on your own.

First, you need to choose a platform. With Zype, you have the option to distribute to practically all endpoints, including OTT, mobile, web and gaming platforms.

Here comes the fun part: Once you have decided on where your content should live, you get to customize your app. For the sake of this blog post, we have chosen to create an AFTV app. The user can choose a featured playlist, categories to fill in content, color themes, logo or even full width header imagery and the option to customize background/text colors.

Zype’s App Templates4

And voila, you’re ready to preview and publish! Roku, AFTV and Apple TV are the quickest templates to create, but SDK, plugin and API only platforms don’t have many more steps.

Templates To Fit Your Content Needs

Our app templates are there to make your life easier, so not only does it give you a pre-made user interface for your app, but it also gives you room to customize your channel and promote your brand.

Depending on which platform(s) you choose (the more, the better!), Zype’s app templates will reflect the common user interface elements for that specific platform. Your app on Roku will look different than your channel on Apple TV because the two platforms have completely different brand integrations and tones. However, your Apple TV channel will have some commonalities with all other Apple TV channels.

Zype’s App Templates 5

Zype’s App Templates 6

For example, the Kin Community channel on Apple TV above looks very different from Kin Community on Roku below it, save for the color palette and branding. The platforms also differ on where they feature content: Apple has sliders linking to playlists, while AFTV has sliders linking to specific video content.

However, this doesn’t mean your channel will blend in with all of the others. Our app templates still allow for content owner flexibility, branding and that special touch that will make your app unique.

Now, the next time you want to add another distribution endpoint, the whole process will seem a little less scary, and a lot simpler.

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