Video Big Data: Zype, BIME, and Google Cloud Case Study

By Chris Bassolino on August 06, 2015

What do Coca-Cola, Snapchat, and Wix have in common with Zype? They all use the Google Cloud Platform and are featured case studies on the platform’s website. Zype has been using BIME Analytics and Google BigQuery to meet the high demands for data collection both internally and with our customers.


Being featured in this showcase is a testament to the dedication Zype has to providing the best data and analytics to our customers. Jim Lysinger, North American Vice President at BIME, notes “Zype is a great example of how today’s modern companies are leveraging cloud BI not only as an internal gauge of their business, but as a crucial value-add service to their end-customers.” Everything we do here at Zype serves to make sure our customers have everything they need to grow their audiences, monetize, and focus on creating great content. This is just one of the ways we ensure this.

Make sure to check out the full case study here:

Harness the power of Zype's video infrastructure