Zype’s Top Picks for Halloween 2016: Five Days of Fright, Fun & Fantasy

By Chris Bassolino on October 28, 2016


Boo! It’s Halloween time, and you know what that means. Yup, five days of perfectly curated content to get you in the spooky and fun Halloween spirit. Be sure to tune into these Zype customers for a good scare, delicious treats, or monster themed entertainment.


Halloween is less than a week away, but what are you going to be?! A witch? A ghost? A mouse? An athlete? Scrap that, and be someone with the superpowers you have always wanted. Get some costume inspiration from Adventures of Captain Marvel. Follow a young Billy Biatson on his expedition to Siam and the (hopefully) defeat of the deadly scorpion villain.


But then again, Halloween isn’t just about the costume.

It’s about the sweets, snacks and pumpkin shaped foods. Throwing a Halloween Party? Attending a Halloween Party? Just want to get into the spirit with some baked goods? Paula Deen has all the answers. Don’t miss her live Halloween event on TONIGHT, at 8pm EST. Also, there’s a whole section on her website for fun Halloween recipes, like monster mash and creepy crawly brownie bites.



Start your fright-tastic weekend off right, with a movie night. Make some popcorn, or some fun recipes from yesterday’s Paula Deen live stream, and you have yourself a night. Maybe don’t start off with a terrifying flick, but just eerie and spooky enough to get you in the spirit. Throw on the classic Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, streaming on Mill Creek Entertainment.



Saturdays are for discovery. Go find your nearest pumpkin patch, pick the perfect pumpkin, go through a corn maze, and get some caramel apples. End your day with Day of the Dead, a cult classic that follows a small group of scientists who take refuge underground after a zombie take over. Now streaming on Shout!Factory TV .



Continuing with the Zombie theme (because who really gets enough of zombies, right), kick back on your Sunday night with the Revolt of the Zombies, on The Film Detective. It’ll truly make you question what the world would be like if Zombies took over.  Be sure to check out all of the other horror flicks on The Film Detective!



Finally, the day is here. Saving the scariest for the last (and when we say scary, we mean scary), end your Halloween festivities with The Shining. Watch Jack Nicholson and his family transplant to a spooky hotel, and realize what isolation really can do to a person. Streaming on The Grindhouse Channel.


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