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Meet Zype and the Backlight team
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Zype Rolls Out Video CRM and Connectors Updates for Enhanced Analytics and Simplified Distribution

By John Yacano on May 11, 2021

Recently, Zype has released a number of new product updates to our Video CRM, Connectors, and Marketplace Connect products to provide enhanced analytics, simplified distribution, and a seamless user experience.

Improvements include:

  • Easier Navigation and Deeper Insights on Consumer, Subscriptions, and Transactions 
  • VOD Distribution to Samsung TV Plus
  • iTunes Marketplace Connect Support for Subscription Modifications

Zype Video CRM: Manage Your Audience Better with Deeper Insights

Zype’s Video CRM has a new and improved look that includes updates to our Consumers, Subscriptions, and Transactions pages to help you get more useful and granular insights about your audience. 

Zype’s Video CRM gives you the ability to easily view and manage data for subscriptions, purchases, rentals, and pass plans within the dashboard.

Our latest update provides quick access to key top line metrics and trends to better understand the performance of your video business over time. Views are available in 7, 30, and 90 day options, or set a custom date range to see data for a specific timeframe. 


Visit our Help Center to learn more about the power of these pages and how to filter and export events and revenue data.

Video On-Demand Distribution to Samsung TV Plus

Zype’s industry leading suite of Connectors just got better in this recent update which allows you to distribute content more efficiently to Samsung TV Plus. We’ve developed a feed to help translate the video on-demand metadata already in your Zype library to a feed matching Samsung’s specifications. Customers can follow a simple workflow accessible through our Video Apps marketplace in the Zype Dashboard.


Before leveraging our metadata feed for distribution on Samsung TV Plus, you must have a commercial partnership with Samsung. You can learn more about generating a feed here.

iTunes Marketplace Connect Support for Subscription Upgrade/Downgrade

iTunes users are able to set their subscriptions to auto-renew, as well as seamlessly upgrade or downgrade their subscription plan. In line with this functionality, Zype has updated our Marketplace Connect service to ensure your viewers have a seamless experience when attempting to upgrade or downgrade their native iTunes subscription plans.

Here is an example of how the subscription group, price, duration, and subscription display name might appear for your viewer:


To take advantage of this updated feature, ensure you have configured your plans and groups properly for your iOS Mobile application, which you can learn more about here.

Interested in additional updates we’ve made to our products? Find past product updates here.

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