Zype Introduces New Video CMS and Connector Updates to Help Teams Customize Their Viewer Experience and Improve Streaming Security

By Rachel DeSimone on November 06, 2020

In the past couple of months, Zype has added new Video CMS and Connectors features that can help video teams deliver an even better viewing experience with improved Roku UX and added player messaging flexibility. 

Keep Viewers Engaged With Improved Roku UX With Trick Mode 

Trick mode is a new user experience that provides visual feedback during playback operations such as seek, forward, and rewind, showing the timestamp and preview thumbnail of the video content while seeking along the player bar. Both time-based and scene-based trick mode are supported for Zype hosted content, as shown below: 

New Video CMS and Connector Updates body unnamed+(3) (1)

Trick mode allows the viewer to find or rewatch specific parts of videos with ease, making for a more convenient and enjoyable viewing experience.

If you'd like to learn more about building Connected TV apps with Zype, you can read more here.

Customize In-Player Messaging to Align With Your Brand

We’ve enhanced our player messaging support with additional custom options, allowing you to update default player error messages. For example, these messages may appear if a playback attempt is made on an unauthorized device or on an unauthorized domain, or if a subscription is required to watch.

Here you can see the default player messaging that appears when a video is accessed from an unauthorized domain:

custom player message body unnamed+(4)

Here you can see a custom player message is set:

custom player message body 2 unnamed+(5)

These new customization options help ensure your player messages are in line with your product messaging and allows for better control over communication with your viewers.

Zype provides many ways for teams to own their branding. Learn more about player and video embed customization here.


Improve Web Streaming Security with Domain Whitelisting

Protect your videos and increase security by enforcing domain-level protection on your web player embeds. Enabling the “web player referrer protection” feature allows you to whitelist the exact domains your embeds will be able to render on. Using domain-level protection, you can prevent your players from serving content when embedded on unauthorized websites. Read about how to better protect your content using web player referrer protection here.


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