Zype Launches Live Events APIs to Help Customers Build Amazing Live Experiences

By Chris Smith on September 04, 2018

Zype’s Live Events APIs allow customers to build and launch awesome Live Broadcast experiences. The Live Events APIs provide access to every facet of live events management, from encoder management, creating and scheduling live events, to archiving completed live broadcasts, and more.

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What can I do with Zype's Live Events APIs?

When creating a live event with Zype’s Live Events APIs, developers can easily configure granular elements of the live stream such as:

  • Event details - title, description, and event type
  • DVR window - duration that the DVR will be available for the event
  • Scheduled broadcast times - when the broadcast will start and stop
  • Paywall monetization settings - set whether the broadcast requires subscription, purchase, rental, or pass plans
  • Auto archive settings - enable auto archiving of the live event at the conclusion of a broadcast

You can also use Zype’s Live Events APIs to start, stop, or archive live events as discrete controls. This provides a control surface for custom applications where live events may not have set scheduled start and end times.

Launch faster with our Ruby gem

Zype also provides a Ruby gem to quickstart building your custom live broadcasting solution. Using our Ruby gem you’re able to more easily connect complex live broadcasting workflows to support your team's needs.

Ready to get started?

If you're an existing customer, head on over to our our help center to get an overview of Zype's Live Events API, see our Live Events API reference or check out our Ruby gem to start your integration today.

Interested in learning more about broadcasting great live events with Zype? Check out our Live Events API solutions page to talk with a team member!

Chris, Product Team @ Zype

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