Zype Participates in Several Channel Conferences

By Chris Smith on July 17, 2015

Zype CEO Ed Lacyznski has been busy the past few weeks spreading the message about over-the-top (OTT) video, content monetization, and branded content at several industry events.

He first visited the OTT Executive Summit in New York where he joined an executive panel which spoke about the challenges inherent in advertising in a multi-screen world. When end users are on their desktops, laptops, televisions, and mobile handsets all in one day, how do you best reach them? One answer comes from the winner of "Best in Show" at the event, Tru Optik, which presented its Audience Monetization Platform that uses tools such as an API and real-time analytics to give content providers more power over their messages.


From there, Ed traveled across the country to San Francisco to speak on the TV of Tomorrow Show. He and the rest of the panel discussed the role of multi-channel networks and how those MCN reach an audience through social video platforms. MCNs have traditionally helped content providers deliver content on platforms such as YouTube. They have recently branched out and begun finding ways to partner with prominent brands. A recent article at Streamdaily.tv notes that the network Fullscreen recently acquired social media marketing agency McBeard to accomplish that very goal.

The Zype team has been working hard to add new features like embeddable subscriptions. Keep in touch here for more reports about the newest ways in which Zype is extending its platform to make clients' videos and subscribers easier to manage.

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