Meet Zype and the Backlight team at NAB, Booth W3157
Meet Zype and the Backlight team
at NAB, Booth W3157

We’re excited to announce the launch of Zype Playout, the easiest way for video product teams to create, monetize, and distribute broadcast-quality, linear live IP-delivered streams.

IP-Based Linear Channels zype playout

Zype Playout offers easy-to-use workflows for transforming playlists of videos into IP-delivered linear live streams, including:

  • Slate and ad timing management, scheduling, and packaging
  • Distribution to your Owned and Operated websites and video apps, plus OTT marketplaces
  • Syndication to partners like SlingTV, YouTube, Twitch, and any other RTMP or MPEG-TS standards-based destination.
  • Customized services also available!

How Does Zype Playout Work?

With Zype Playout, customers have all the tools they need to build, program, and broadcast linear channels using playlists of videos from their Zype library.

Zype provides an easy to use flow for creating and managing Playout Destinations -- the streaming destinations where linear channels are being broadcasted or syndicated out to. Customers can store Playout Destination profiles for popular streaming targets like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and Periscope by entering stream URLs and keys for each destination. Or customers can create and manage custom Playout Destinations for any stream target that can accept RTMP, MPEG-TS, or HLS input.

Once Destinations are created, customers can then begin building Playout Channels. Playout Channels are collections of videos programmed in a specific order, which are transformed into linear live IP-delivered broadcasts. Playout Channels inherit ad timings managed within the Zype platform, allowing for easy integrated ad management. After customers have programmed Playout Channels and scheduled a start and end time for broadcast, they can assign which Destinations each channel should be broadcasted to.

Zype handles all of the complex underlying video packaging, broadcast server management, and infrastructure needed to successfully broadcast a Playout Channel. All customers need to do is ensure their Playout Destinations are configured to receive streams!

Going to NAB?

Schedule a live demo to learn how Zype Playout can help your VidOps team organize, plan, program, and distribute broadcast-quality linear video channels to increase audience engagement, and grow your distribution footprint.

Interested in working with Zype?

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