Zype Releases Playout Enhancement for Faster Stream Start Times for EU Viewers and Improved Streaming Analytics for Smarter Programming

By Rachel DeSimone on December 11, 2020

Zype has added a new global region for our Playout service and improvements to our streaming analytics that can provide insights for smarter programming decisions.

Faster Streaming for Global Viewers with European Union Playout Service Availability

Zype has released a Playout service enhancement this month that allows customers to create Playout channels that originate from different geographic regions, starting with the European Union. This means that audiences in the EU will enjoy fast stream start times, and publishers will have a regional data lake for data compliance and segmentation purposes. 

When customers encode video with Zype and have EU-enabled services, they can now synchronize content into the Zype EU Cloud Zone for fast stream start times and low latency for all viewers in the region. There are no additional charges to store content with Zype in the Zype EU Cloud Zone - as we don’t ever charge for storage. This new optimization is being made first for linear Playout content but will soon be made available for VOD and other formats. 


With the new EU region, teams can now scale regionally focused channels independently of each other. For example, channels running in Europe can leverage different advertising campaigns than those based in North America while maintaining the same underlying content. Zype’s EU Region Playout service also complies with regulatory data and consumer protection laws set forth from the European Union. 

Program Smarter Using Interval Views on Stream Hours Analytics 

Zype now supports granular time interview views on stream hours reports so publishers can make better informed programming decisions. Stream hour data can be viewed in increments as small as 15-minutes to pinpoint when viewers are streaming most. Stream hour views are available by daily, hourly, 30 minute, or 15 minute increments:


The new reporting capability allows insights on the breakdown of viewer consumption by time slice, to help identify peak periods and make content and user experience decisions. For example, below you can see midnight was the highest trafficked stream hours time: 


You can learn more about time interval views on stream hours reports here and review our API documentation here.

As this year comes to a close, we're celebrating all of our teams product wins from 2020, and we're excited to continue to announce new features and improvements in 2021.

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