Zype Rolls Out New CRM and Connector Features to Simplify vMVPD Distribution and Improve Viewer Experience

By Rachel DeSimone on August 27, 2020

In the past couple of months, Zype has added several new CRM and Connectors features that can help video teams improve viewer experience and extend audience reach.  

Offer Promotional Access to Viewers With Redemption Code Paywalls

Offering redemption codes to viewers can be an excellent way to provide one-time promotional or lifetime access to video content without requiring a credit card transaction or manual configuration. Zype has supported the use of redemption codes for quite some time, however the method of redemption was limited to a redemption code widget that had to be specifically embedded into a website. 

Now, with redemption code paywalls, videos can be embedded on a website with “redemption code required” enabled, which will allows for utilization of redemption codes without the need to embed a separate redemption code widget. Viewers can access the redeem flow and enter the code entirely from the video player - and are never redirected to an alternative widget or page - all as part of the typical authentication flow. To understand more about how to enable redemption code paywalls and what the viewer experience is, read more here.

Increase Distribution Reach with The Roku Channel Connector

Gain access to The Roku Channel audience by publishing content directly to The Roku Channel. Zype has made improvements to this connector to simplify distribution to The Roku Channel by following a frictionless workflow, available right in the Zype Admin. Once vetted and distributed by Roku, you’ll stream alongside popular shows, 24/7 live news, and hundreds of movies available on The Roku Channel today. Learn more about distributing to vMVPDs with Zype here.

Leverage Self-service “Restart from Beginning” Feature for Playout Channel Scheduling

Zype Playout allows you to easily program 24/7 linear live channels using playlists of videos already available in your library. Now you can schedule your own predictable programming updates when trying to broadcast playlists at specific start times. Using the "Restart from beginning" feature toggle, enable a restart of the broadcast from the beginning of the source playlist at any given time. You can learn more about Zype Playout here.


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