What's New at Zype: WordPress Plugin for Easy Video Integration

By Anna Hughes on May 10, 2018

Drumroll as we announce... the launch of Zype's WordPress Plugin! Zype provides a free plugin that allows you to easily integrate your WordPress website with videos and playlists with minimal coding and configuration.



What can I do with Zype's WordPress Plugin?

Once unlocked, you can use the Zype plugin to seamlessly add videos, entire playlist galleries, and more to your site. Having a streamlined workflow for publishing video content to your website will help save you time while simultaneously benefitting your audience, helping to engage viewers and grow revenue for your video business.

Because Zype’s plugin is pre-configured with video and playlist APIs, you’re able to leverage shortcodes to add videos and playlists to your site without having to use embed codes. Using shortcodes to add videos to your site is quick and easy, and using shortcodes for playlists allows you to mirror the existing playlist structure you’ve configured in the Zype admin dashboard.

In the example below, using the shortcode for the root “Video Library” playlist will add all playlists and video content nested to your WordPress site using a single shortcode integration. Notice that all playlist relationships will be maintained according to how they are set them in the dashboard:




Looking at the end result, you can see the content layout on the WordPress site follows the dashboard organization:




The best part? Because this mirrors your playlist hierarchy exactly, it’ll also be an exact match to your Zype video apps if/when you go to market with them! Consistent content organization across all distribution platforms will help establish your brand and provide the optimal user experience for your entire viewer base.

What are the minimum requirements to use the WordPress Plugin?

In order to use the Zype WordPress Plugin, you’ll first need a valid and current Zype account. You’ll also need to make sure you have the minimum PHP and Wordpress versions listed below:


PHP version: 5.6

WordPress version 4.6 | Tested up to: 4.8.3


How do I get started using the WordPress Plugin?

You’ll first want to Unlock you WordPress App in Zype. This will provide you with a WordPress-specific app in the dashboard and provide you with steps to generate your WordPress key.

Next, you’ll want to follow our guidelines to Install and Configure basic settings within the plugin. This will take you through installing the plugin on your site and accessing API and app keys to configure additional setti ngs.

From there, you’re ready - yo u can use shortcodes to start adding videos and playlists right away! We always recommend you review your videos and playlists to make sure everything has been configured to your liking in the Zype platform. If you’d like to further configure the plugin, you also have the option to set up subscriptions or custom URL slugs for consumer management.

Confused about any of the functionality or just want to chat? I'd love to help - email me at anna@zype.com.

Anna, Product Team @ Zype

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