Zype is the #1 Full Stack Video Content Management and Distribution Infrastructure

Zype is the leading all-in-one video infrastructure solution. We empower teams to build amazing direct-to-consumer video streaming services across the web, mobile, connected TV, and social media. Zype provides the most powerful and reliable cloud-based video content management and distribution infrastructure, with leading-edge monetization options, business analytics, automation, and integrations with thousands of SaaS applications.

With Zype, enterprise content owners and brands can own and accelerate all aspects of their video distribution pipeline.

Core Values

Our core values provide the guidance to get us through the tough times, make sure we are prepared for the great times, and create a company culture that can grow and sustain on its own.

We rely on our core values – principles that guide us in our everyday decision making – to describe how we approach everything. Read the full core values post from our CEO »


We are fearless and know we are doing something no one has done before, and we are not afraid to fail.
Adventure, Fearlessness, Determination, Resilience, Integrity

Hard Work

We work hard every day to help make the company better.
Grit, Integrity, Teamwork, Communication


We enjoy striving for excellence and the process to get there.
Humor, Happiness, Excellence, Freedom


We use our talents and that of our team to achieve personal and company goals.
Self-Reliance, Independence, Frugality, Bias for Action, Positivity


We emphasize listening, communicating, and collaborating respectfully amongst ourselves and our customers over all else.
Service, Accountability, Perspective, Professionalism, Accountability

We ask our team – Zypesters – to commit to these values every day, in every decision, challenge or opportunity we face as team members. Use them when communicating with colleagues, vendors, partners, and customers. The right relationships are built on common bonds.


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