Zype COVID19 Update Center

Welcome to the Zype COVID19 Update Center.

We are 100% operational, have taken steps to ensure the health of our teams and systems, and are here for you for your mission-critical video streaming needs.

Please check this page for updates regarding Zype and COVID19.


Will Zype’s offices close or will the team work remotely?

Zype is fortunate to have about 30% of our staff already working in a remote location, and even in our NYC HQ, the entire team works remotely every Friday. To do this over the last few years we’ve invested in the tools, technology, culture and working practices to allow for a flexible workforce that is prepared for situations like COVID-19. You can read about this in articles like Remote Work Best Practices that our team has published.

Earlier this month we cancelled all non-essential travel to limit exposure and transmission risks as much as possible.

On Thursday, March 12th, our team went fully remote. We have asked our entire team to work remote until at least March 31st, at which time plans will be re-evaluated. We rolled out some additional processes to ensure continuity and conversations will continue even without us being together in the same physical space.  Given our technology stack – both the products and services our customers use, and all of our internal systems which are cloud-powered, there are no anticipated interruptions to any functions at Zype. We are 100% operational and committed to providing the same award-winning level of support and service we always have.  

What about monitoring and issue remediation?

All Zype monitoring is built on distributed systems with no single point of failure or specific individual needed to operate. Our Support team, having been built with a “remote first” model in mind, has access to all systems, and our Engineering teams have all the access required for Tier 2 support as necessary.

Has COVID-19 changed Zype’s business continuity planning?

Our systems are 100% cloud-powered, on multiple cloud providers, cloud regions, and availability zones within those regions, and we have the ability to reposition infrastructure as needed if any provider has issues downstream.   As always we’ll keep our Status Page up to date, but we do not anticipate any system disruptions at this time.

In terms of our team, we understand that Zypesters may get sick or have to care for loved ones.  We are working with team leaders to make sure our team follows social distancing policies, that everyone checks in daily, and that we maintain redundancy across key functions in support, account management, engineering, and infrastructure.   

Are there any new or emerging risks that we should be aware of surrounding your services?

We have not identified any new risks at this time, but we do have the necessary tools – email, phone, and video conferencing –  to communicate with our customers if new risks arise.

Has anything changed in Zype’s business since COVID-19 emerged?

We have noticed a large surge in the number of requests for Zype accounts from companies in the fitness, faith, and enterprise space looking for solutions to solve for remote-friendly streaming and broadcasting.  This is not surprising given the social distancing and remote work policies that many companies are implementing.  

Zype is working on plans to help these companies, but we want to assure you that we will put the needs of our current customers first.  Along these lines, we’ve asked our team to invest in improved documentation and ensure we have adequate Support team coverage for our current customer base ahead of taking on a large cohort of new customers.

We will also be notifying customers that pay by physical check to request that they move to ACH or credit card payment, at least temporarily, to reduce the risk of a payment disruption if for some reason we are unable to reach our mail room. You’ll receive a separate notice from us if this is the case.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

For questions on COVID-19 preparedness, best-practices, add-ons and changes, or general questions, please contact your Account Manager. For technical support, please contact Zype Support at support@zype.com.