Deliver private video to members and employees

Build secure enterprise video portals for your audience including single sign on (SSO) authentication and authorization checks

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Single Sign On Integrations

Create a consistent, high-quality registration and sign-on experience for your member database using standards-based OAuth 2 APIs or custom 3rd party identity provider integrations

Built-In Authorization and Entitlement Checks

Synchronize your membership access levels to Zype and we’ll take care of all of the authorization and entitlement checks on a per user basis, ensuring that your viewers will always access only the videos they are entitled to.

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Tiered Membership Access

Create flexible multi-tiered membership access levels using tiered subscriptions or video and playlist entitlement bundles, allowing you to highly customize what content your specific members can access

Advanced Playlists

Tiered Access

Create and manage tiered subscription plans via API to set up multiple levels of subscription plans around different playlists of videos, to limit consumer access to their corresponding plans

Branded Webplayers

SSO & OAuth Integrations

Create custom paywall login authentications or integrate Zype's paywalls with your existing website/application login methods

Optimized Delivery

Entitlement APIs

SVOD, TVOD, and AVOD monetization models can be granularly configured using Global and Tiered Subscriptions, Purchase/Rental, Pass Plans, and Geo Targeting with Content rules.

Control Distribution

Enterprise Video Players

Deploy experiences that delight your stakeholders with intuitive navigation, discovery, and flawless video quality - across all platforms and geographies.


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