Publish video to vMVPDs, aggregators, and social platforms

Simple workflows and integrated video connectors allow you to go to market faster when distributing 24/7 linear streams or VOD feeds to vMVPDs, social platforms, and content distribution aggregators

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Linear vMVPD Distribution

Program, monetize with ads, and launch 24/7 linear live streams to vMVPDs like Samsung TV Plus and Pluto TV using Zype Playout.

Get Social with Video

Multicast on-demand live or 24/7 linear streams to social platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch, or any other standards based RTMP or HLS endpoint

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Generate Feeds Easily

Generate MRSS feeds based on playlists, categories, or your entire video library with a few clicks

Advanced Playlists

24/7 Linear Streams

Easy-to-use workflows for transforming playlists of videos into IP-delivered linear live streams

Branded Webplayers

MRSS Feeds

Quickly tap into MRSS feeds from your video library organized by category, video import source, or playlist

Optimized Delivery

Monetize with in-Stream Ads

Decide when your ads appear with custom ad timings. Optimize based on your content and determine the right time to break for an ad, down to the second.

Control Distribution

Social Publishing

Program and broadcast RTMP linear live streams to audiences on social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and Periscope.


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