Distribute Media to More Places

Zype’s video hub is a single platform to manage and distribute your content to every channel and platform.

Zype is the All-In-One Video Infrastructure Platform

We are the central hub for digital video content management and distribution.

Simplified content management

Our simple and intuitive CMS dashboard acts as an end-to-end solution that makes it easy to manage, organize and monetize your content.

Distribution to Every Endpoint

Easily manage distribution to every video endpoint including WordPress, YouTube, Facebook, Roku, AppleTV, Xumo, and more.

Completely Customized For Your Digital Video Needs

From managing paywalls and payments to encoding live streams or custom analytics, Zype is the most robust video management system.

You're in good company

Time-Saving Workflows and Automation

Get your media to every endpoint without the headache. Zype’s all-in-one video infrastructure takes care of everything from video storage, encoding, content delivery and analytics across every single channel and platform. Learn more →

Zype is the Digital Video Distribution Hub

We’ve built the connections between every video endpoint available, making it easier than ever for you to get your video on OTT, CTV, your site, mobile, and more. Learn more →

See Zype’s All-in-One Video Infrastructure in Action