Plans and Pricing FAQ

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Pricing & Plans

What plan is right for me?

Our Zype X plan provides you with a complete infrastructure for streaming on the web - including paywalls and live streaming support.  You can learn more about Zype X here.

Our premium plans include support for advanced features, like a full stack for OTT / Connected TV, vMVPD, and Mobile app-based distribution, and much more.  Our pricing guide details the main feature differences, and a detailed feature matrix is available here.

Can I use Zype X to stream to an OTT app?

No. Only our premium plans support this.

Can I integrate my ad server with your premium plans?

Yes, our Premium plan level includes support for ad servers, including client-side and server-side ads.

Can I integrate my own authentication systems (eg. a member database or employee directory) with your premium plans?

Yes, our Enterprise plan level includes support for customer authentication and SSO.

Can I use Zype to generate and distribute MRSS feeds?

Yes, MRSS feed distribution is included in our premium plan levels.

How does Zype charge?

Zype charges customers for three primary services each with their own billing cycle (i) Software Subscription Fees (ii) Infrastructure Usage Fees and (ii) Professional Services Fees.

Software Subscription Fees are billed on a monthly recurring basis for a fixed amount. Invoices are due upon receipt.

Infrastructure Usage Fees are assessed at the end of the calendar month and billed within 3 days of the following month for any variable usage incurred during the period. Invoices are due on Net-30 Day Basis.

Professional Services Fees are billed on a milestone basis generally between two installments - 50% upon Project Commencement and 50% upon Project Completion. Project Commencement invoices are due upon receipt and Project Completion Invoices are due on a Net-30 Day Basis.

Will I incur any overage or usage fees in excess of my monthly subscription? 

Yes. Zype bills for Infrastructure Usage Fees for any usage incurred during a given month in excess of a customer’s Monthly Allotment.  Read the section below to learn more:

Entitlements: any one-time, recurring or non-cancelled subscription managed by Zype on a customer’s behalf

Ad Insertions: a request made to an ad server to insert an ad into a video stream

Content Delivery
Stream Hours: any hour of content streamed by viewers

GB: any data of content streamed by viewers

Video Requests: any successful response to a player request made to Zype's Player API endpoint

Encode Hours: any hour of video content encoded to 4 unique streaming formats.

Standard Plan Rate

Entitlements: $0.60/entitlement

Standard Plan Rate

Stream Hour: $0.08/hour

Standard Plan Rate

Encode Hour: $3.00/hour

Zype X rates are explained in detail on the Zype X page.

Are there storage limits? If so, what are the overage fees?

Nope! Zype offers unlimited storage across all of our plans. There is no cost for storage.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes, our premium level plans all include volume discount arrangements. 

What are Zype’s cancellation terms?

All premium plan contracts require a 12-month commitment prior to cancellation.

Zype X can be canceled at any time. It is a month-to-month plan with no commitment.

Is full annual payment required upfront?

No. Customers can choose to pay on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. There may be discounts available for upfront payment terms.

OTT and Connected TV Apps

Can I create my own OTT and Connected TV apps using Zype?

Yes, Zype includes a full infrastructure for creating and publishing OTT apps.  You can use our SDKs, templates, and tools and have your team or agency build and publish them, or you can leverage Zype Professional Services.

What is the lead time for creating OTT apps?

Assuming your team has experience with the various OTT platforms and marketplaces, we recommend planning for turnaround time of at least 45 days.  

If you leverage Zype Professional Services, we will collaborate with you on a full plan and go-to-market strategy.

What Connected TV and Mobile endpoints does Zype support?

You can find a full list of our Mobile and Connected TV endpoints here.

How many apps are included?

All supported endpoints are included, and our templated app code bases are available for review and can be accessed through the following Github repositories:

Amazon Fire TV


Apple TV

Apple iOS

Android Mobile

Zype Professional Services (ZPS) can provide templated application configuration, packaging and publishing support for submission to the marketplaces as needed.

Can I customize my apps?

Yes! Our app templates are marketplace ready, but they are also open source and accessible in Github, so many of our customers build custom apps using Zype’s app templates as a foundation.  In short, our templates provide a ready-built user interface for your app, with flexibility to customize your channel and innovate however you’d like.


If I'm currently using a different video service, or our own house-built solution, can I migrate to Zype?

We've built connectors to make migration easy via APIs, MRSS feeds, and direct uploads. Our APIs support migrating your content, metadata, user data, and more. 

We also provide unlimited storage, so there's no need to worry about the size of your content library. 

Many customers require professional services to help them scope out, execute, and validate their migration plan.  Zype Professional Services team can provide these services to your team to help ease the migration.

What is Zype Professional Services and what does it cost?

Zype Professional Services is a team of Zype developers, software and solutions architects, product and project managers, and broadcast engineers that customers can leverage for engagements outside the scope of our plans. Some examples include subscriber migration services, application and endpoint publishing, and API integrations. 

ZPS engagement costs depend on specific customer requirements and needs. Pricing is a separate process with a unique SOW. 

Do I have to use Zype end-to-end, or can I choose specific product offerings to use?

You can choose whatever product offerings you’d like to use. Zype can be used as both a turnkey or a modular solution. You can use our full product family or use what you need and leverage specific workflows to accomplish your goals.  We support thousands of connectors in the video ecosystem to provide you with an integrated experience so you can use your existing software and infrastructure with Zype.

Can I use my own CDN with Zype?

Yes, Zype offers a direct import flow for you to bring your content from your own CDN. If your content resides on a third-party CDN and/or existing hosting provider, you can import it as a Self-Hosted video source to Zype. You can also use your own CDN for live streaming.

What broadcast resolution does Zype offer?

Live streams are delivered by the best-in-class CDN with multiple quality settings available up to 1080p/60fps.  HD formats are available upon request.