Marketplace App Connect

Easily build & deploy apps and activate in-app purchasing on any app marketplace, while delighting users with universal access from any device. All with complete visibility into your customers’ buying activity.


Achieve fast time-to-market to the devices your customers love with Zype’s out-of-the-box, configurable app templates.

Grow Your Business. Delight Your Customers

Frictionless in-app purchasing, authorization, and viewing across all the devices your customers love.

Complete Consumer Visibility & Control

Track all consumer purchasing activity across all app marketplaces and maintain the information you need to market directly to your audience.


For established video publishers that are already distributing video at scale

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Zype Marketplace Connect simplifies and unifies in-app purchasing across multiple app marketplaces.

Accelerate Subscriber & Revenue Growth

Tap into the massive user base behind app stores & frictionless in-app payments - without restricting your end-users' viewing to a single device.


Rapid Time-To-Market

Don’t waste time building plumbing to enable purchases & cross-platform viewing.

Increased Engagement

Enable customers to view your content on all the devices they love - whenever they want.

Complete Customer Insights

Capture all customer account information and track transactions seamlessly across all app platforms.

Powerful integrations to collect direct payment

Zype integrates with the leading direct payment companies to provide you with complete revenue ownership.


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